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Website Development &
E-Commerce Development

Launch into the digital age with Elementary Digital. We specialise in web development, software development and digital marketing, transforming your business for the modern era.

We assist individuals, businesses, and organisations in navigating the complexities of digital transformation, using web development strategies and digital marketing tactics to connect with their audiences in a significant and impactful way.


Get Curious
Research and Development

Unlock the future of technology with Elementary Research’s “Get Curious”.

We dedicate ourselves to researching and developing trailblazing solutions in emerging tech sectors, paving the way for innovation and growth.


Get Serious
Software Development &
App Development

At Elementary, getting serious means delving deep into your unique software development needs.

We specialise in building, optimising, and maintaining custom software solutions, driving your business forward with technology that truly aligns with your goals. Our emphasis on software development ensures a tailored approach, sculpting technologies that work specifically for you.

We make it simple.

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We’re changing the way people think about technology.

We’re changing the way people think about technology by putting people first. Our human-centric approach ensures that our solutions are not just technologically sound but also intuitive, user-friendly, and designed to enhance rather than complicate your life or work.

With Elementary, technology becomes a tool that serves you, not the other way around.

Useless Facts

Elementary by the numbers


Years of building

In human years, we’re a moody teenager. In tech years, we’re a seasoned veteran.


Countries Served by

From the penguins of South Africa to the kangaroos of Australia – we’ve been coding across time zones and continents.


Projects that impacted
lives and businesses

Roughly the same number of coffees our developers consume in a week!


Technologies used in

If coding languages were galaxies, we’d have explored a sizeable chunk of the tech universe!

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Elementary Digital

Get Online

Transform your ideas into an impressive digital experience with Elementary’s superior WordPress development services. We turn your ideas into an online reality.

Embrace the future of content management with a Strapi website from Elementary, designed for high performance, scalability, and ease of use.

Experience the Elementary difference with our bespoke Shopify website development services, helping your business thrive in the digital economy.

SEO Services
AdWords Campaigns
Facebook Marketing
E-Mail Marketing
Content Marketing

With a blend of creativity and data-driven strategies, Elementary provides digital marketing solutions that deliver results.

Elementary Solutions

Get Serious

React frontend Software Development
NextJs Frontend Software Development
Vue Frontend Software Development
Type Script Software Development
JavaScript Software Development

From single-page applications to complex web systems, Elementary’s front-end development services bring designs to life, focusing on responsiveness, performance, and user satisfaction.


Whether you need a complex relational database or a streamlined NoSQL solution, Elementary has the expertise and tools to build a database that suits your business requirements.

Node.js Software Development
Python Software Development
Java Software Development

Harness the power of sophisticated, secure, and scalable backend software development with Elementary’s expert team of developers. Elementary is skilled in various technologies, frameworks, and languages.

Google Cloud

Blending cloud infrastructure’s limitless possibilities with Docker’s containerization and Kubernetes’ orchestration, Elementary excels in developing robust and resilient software solutions.

Elementary Research

Get Curious


With a robust approach to AI research and development, Elementary is pioneering solutions to tackle real-world challenges and drive growth.


Unlock the potential of decentralized technology with Elementary’s cutting-edge Blockchain services.


Embrace the future today with IoT solutions from Elementary. Leveraging the power of interconnected devices and smart sensors, we’re helping businesses boost performance, improve customer experience, and drive growth.

Who do we work with?

We work with people first. Regardless if they are on their own or represent enterprises. Uncompromising Quality, Unmatched Support, Elementary's Solutions for Everyone

For the Tech Novice

Unfamiliar with technology? No problem. At Elementary, we simplify the tech world for you. We'll help you build an online presence, understand the digital landscape, and even help with setting up simple websites or personal blogs.

For the Intermediate User

Comfortable with technology but not an expert? We've got you covered. From revamping your website to improving your digital skills, our team is here to support and guide you. We'll help you utilise technology to serve your personal and professional goals better.

For the Online Business Enthusiast

Would you be interested in starting an online business or improving an existing one? We offer tailored solutions to help you build an attractive and efficient e-commerce store, manage your SEO, and create effective online marketing strategies.

For the Tech-Savvy

Proficient in tech but need assistance in specialised areas? At Elementary, we offer expert-level guidance and services, from bespoke software development to advanced digital marketing strategies. Our team can assist in making your tech-intensive projects successful.

For The Innovator

Have an innovative tech idea, or are you looking to explore emerging technologies? Our Elementary Research team offers research and development capabilities to help bring your cutting-edge ideas to life in AI, machine learning, or any other emerging tech field.

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